all about jafar naghizadeh

Hey, I'm Jafar Naghizadeh, a humankind making a living from web development, spent more than 12 years of my life working on codes, making nice, creative websites.

In the Portfolio page you can find out more about my recent and top projects.


I'm from Iran. Interested in Books, Learning, Technology, and arts -speacialy music.

I love languages, both human and computer languages 😍


Human languages

Beside my moter tongues - Persian and Azerbaijani - I speak English and Turkish.

Also I am learning Dutch since last february.


Computer languages

Most of the time I'm developing with PHP on the back-end and JavaScript on the front-end side.

I'm also familiar with the php frameworks like Laravel framework for the backend and JQuery for the frontend side.

Using Bootstrap, I can make shiny and eye-catching designs for your web pages 🤩

I'm experienced in developing plugins for wordpress, editing WP plugins and WP themes.

I also have a little experience with Python programming.


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