Order custom WP plugins

4+1 steps of ordering a custom WP plugin
Order custom WP plugins

If we say that WordPress is the most popular software in history, it is not wrong. Based on the w3techs report more than 43 percent of the world's websites are working based on the WP content management system(CMS). So if you have a website or an online shop, or you are a webmaster, there are chances that you are working with wordpress.

As a WP website manager, there must be times for you to think about some options and features that you need inside your website😵‍💫

For this need, first, you looked in the list of available plugins. You download and test some of them.. but sometimes for a particular need, there is no available appropriate solution or plugin, or available ones have bugs or problems and do not answer your (and your customers or visitors) needs, and do not satisfy you.

In this situation, you need to talk to a wordpress developer for designing and developing a custom plugin.


4 steps of ordering a new custom WordPress plugin


1. Make the need clear

For the first step of ordering a dedicated WP plugin, you need to think about the needs of your customers and visitors. Take some time and study what you want from your custom plugin, what problems it must answer, and what help it can do for your website. Maybe it just makes your website nicer or does some functional job, etc.


2. Check if it is feasible

Now you know what you want or what you think your customers want. It is time to speak to a developer - preferably someone with WP development experience- to check if it is feasible to work on the idea. It is important to become sure about the possibility of making the idea as software and that it will be functional in the real situation, without technical barriers to your custom WP plugin.


3. Estimating the costs of developing a custom plugin for wp

As a website owner or webmaster as soon as you are sure about your idea, the problem, the answer, and its feasibility, you can jump for the estimations.

You need to know about the budget you are going to need for this project and if you wish to pay for it.

A custom wp plugin development project can take from a few hours to a few weeks, so you need to be sure about the time and money you are going to invest in the project.

Be sure to talk to a WP developer to estimate the cost and time of developing your project🤓


4. Designing and developing a custom plugin for wordpress

After talks and agreements, your developer will start her job after taking a prepayment. She will develop your plugin based on the documents and agreements you made previously.

At the end, you will receive your custom plugin, after checkouts.


Now you have your dedicated plugin for your WP-based website. You can install it and use it wherever you want🤩


If you want to publish your plugin inside the wp official plugins directory and make it available for others to use, this additional step is for you:

First of all, know that you are going to publish your plugin for use by others free of charge. Of course, it is possible to make money from the advanced options of your plugin. I will talk about it more next time😉


5. Publishing your custom wp plugin in wp directory

If you wish, you can do the publishing steps for yourself. But there are quite a few troubles to get it done. Personally recommend you to leave if to an experienced one😎

The WordPress team has defined many criteria and standards to make sure about the quality and discipline of this big project.

You need to read quite a few documents and use them inside your code to make sure that the WP team will approve your plugin for publishing in the official directory.

Also, you need to have conversations with the team about changes and improvements you are going to make to get the final confirmation.


If you are thinking of ordering a custom wp plugin for yourself or publishing it on the wp website:

I have developed some custom wp plugins and published some of them in the wp plugins directory. Also, I’m working on developing and publishing more.

You can check here an up-to-date list of my published WP plugins.

If you wish to order your dedicated plugin or publish it, feel free to contact me.

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